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Boxx Console

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This unique console was created by the Zett design house.

“With guests around the table accompanied by the most delicious food, let the lovely moments begin. We increase your quality time with Boxx dining room, turning the most ordinary places into a cosy and welcoming one.

The perfect texture of the wood will fill you with warmth, you’ll never notice how quickly the quality time passes by”

This collection was created to help you furnish your home with a perfectly integrated sense of style that cannot be replicated anywhere else.

Speak to Mebel Furniture today for more information about the full selection of luxury furniture collections from Zett!

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Weight 500 kg
Dimensions 100 × 50 × 50 cm
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Leather and Fabric Furniture Care

Leather and Fabric Furniture Care

As leather furniture is made from hide, it needs special care. Though you will have to make an effort to take care of leather furniture, in the long run it is worth the effort.

  • Place leather furniture away from heat source(min 50cm) as it will dry the leather over a period of time. Excessive drying will cause leather to crack
  • Leather furniture should be placed away from direct sunlight, as sunlight will fade it.
  • Remove dust from leather furniture by vacuum cleaning regularly.
  • Use a dry cloth to blot anything that spills on the leather and let it air-dry. Use minimum pressure moving from outside of the stain towards the middle
  • Never use solvents, abrasives, shoe care products. Use leather furniture cleaners that are recommended. These cleaners and creams keep the leather soft and supple and increase their resistance to stains.
  • Denims and other colored synthetic fabrics may transfer the dye to the covering of your lounge and it is bet to avoid these types of clothes when using the lounge
  • Avoid chlorine or wet swimming costumes
  • Do not seat on the armrest and backrest –they are not designed for seating and can potentially damage the frame
  • Periodically 2-3 times a year clean, condition and protect the entire leather surface using an authorized leather care kit for that particular leather which can be purchase in our shop.
  • Keep the pets off the furniture and be careful of belts, toys watches as they may snag the fabric
  • Do not pull loose threads tie a knot and cut them instead.
  • Plump the cushions regularly particularly those field with fiber fill or feathers.

Softening of padding and cushions will occur over time, this will cause light creasing wrinkling and stretching of the leather which is considered to be normal wear and not to be defect in any way.  Seating on the same seat all the time will cause that seat to soften more than the others therefore alternate your choice of seat regularly.  

Pilling can occur as a result of normal daily use and it is not considered as a fault.  As the fabric surface is rubbed a single or small groups of fibers on the surface begins to twist forming pills.  The catalyst of this is a foreign fibre or dirt. Pilling successfully can be removed by the use of battery operated de-piling tool available from most haberdashery stores. Velvet and chenille type fabrics have raised surface texture which exposed to flattering and shading This is an important characteristic of the fabric and is not considered as a fault in anyway.


Regular care of fabric lounges is required by using authorized fabric care kit. For spot cleaning and stain removal follow the instructions provided with the kit.

Mebel Wholesale Ltd comes with the following guarantees;

  • The frame is warranted for its lifetime due to a manufacturing fault.
  • Leather due to manufacturing fault is warranted for 3 years
  • Fabric due to manufacturing fault is warranted for 2 years
  • Motor and motion components are warranted doe to manufacturing fault for 2 years
  • All the other components are warranted for 1 year

To be entitled to claim the defect must appear and be reported in the time frame outlined in the warranty terms above.

Mebel Wholesale Limited is not liable  if the defect is done by

  1. Negligence Failure of the purchaser to look after the product in reasonable manner outlined in this booklet, improper cleaning, using unauthorized chemicals,  exposing the product to sun and heating objects,  abnormal use.
  2. Exclude the goods acquired for business use just for normal domestic purpose
  3. Faults which are done by normal wear and tear or accidental damage

  • Leather and fabric will fade and crease
  • Foams and feelings will soften over time
  • Depending of the covering and extent of use the filings may need to be replaced periodically at the purchasers expense
  • Scars, marks different pore density , different grain are natural characteristic of the leather

  1. Damaged caused by transport, spills, body fluids

The warranty against defects is not transferable It is limited to the original purchaser.

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